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Full day, multiple day or half day trainings are available in a variety of topics and can be tailored for your specific audience.  

Topics include:  Social Emotional Learning in the General Education Classroom; Social Learning for Early Learners; Strategies for Social Emotional Learning; Structured Teaching; Executive Functioning; Training for Para Professionals; IEP Development and Compliance; Trainings for Parents and Families; Addressing Sensory Needs; Strategies for Behavior; and many other topics.

Please use the Contact page for detailed descriptions on training classes or more information on these techniques.

[ "Knowledgeable, flexible." ]  

“Gretchen was knowledgeable and flexible in presenting the information.  She adapted well to the needs of the group.”  --Classroom Teacher 

[ Great speaker, passionate." ]   

“Great speaker, passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.”   --General Education Teacher 

[ "Fantastic, detailed, practical." ]   

“Fantastic training!  Very detailed, practical ideas!  The resources she shared are wonderful and I can’t wait to use them!”  --Special Education Teacher 

[ "Humor, stories, relatable." ]   

“Gretchen held everyone in the room's attention.  I loved her humor and stories.  Very relatable.”   --Classroom Teacher